6 Metre Long Groovy Prism Profiles to Maximise Impact
Kaltgewalzte und geschweißte Profilrohre aus Stahl, Edelstahl, Nichteisenmetallen (Alu, Kupfer, Messing…) in der Bau-Branche

This is How You Advertise …

using Welser Profiles

Three different pictures, automatically alternating on the same billboard. How is that possible? A Swedish company has made it possible with the help of Welser Profiles.

Special “prism“ profiles from Welser Profiles, each up to 6 metres high, are installed next to each other. The images are then mounted in stripes onto each of the three sides of the prism profiles. Transparent plastic covers hold the stripes in place, whilst grooves in the profiles ensure the images are always mounted correctly, avoiding unwanted sticking of the stripes to the profile.

The challenge presented to Welser Profiles was to ensure the extremely tight tolerances were consistently held across the entire length of all of the profiles, with particular attention being paid to straightness and twist. Each of the profiles must be able to spin quietly, yet be almost touching the next, to ensure the resultant advertisment always appears as an effective, cohesive image after each image change.
That’s how we at Welser Profiles produce advertisements, and advertise ourselves.

3 seitiges Rillen-Stahlprofil
Ein sogenannter Prismawender wirbt mit Welser Profilen.


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